Jorges 405 Mi16

Model: Peugeot 405 Mi16 
Motor: 1905 ccm, 16V. Labtronics chip med omdrejnings-begrænser ved 7,800 o/min. Remus bagpotte med ovalt afgangsrør, K&N luftfilter i originalkasse 
Styling: Standard 
Undervogn: Standard 
Fælge: 6x15" OZ Racing F1 Cup 
Dæk: 195/55-15" 
Interiør: Standard 
Iøvrigt: "I was lucky to be alive in this crash of my car, 180km/h in a road of VDG "Ponte da vasco da Gama" street racing favorites. Until the road curves i see a Saxo Cup 1.6 16v -80km/h; he brakes the car and my reaction was to go to the other lane; then my car made a U-turn and crashed to the rile... like I said I'm lucky now I'm going to repair it. It will cost too much money, like 5000€, but I'm going to repair it because I love my car. Mi16 forever!