Fitting a 2.2 litre inlet manifold

I've had the 2.2 litre manifold on my 206 GTi for three weeks now! It was hard, but it is not tuning if you do not use your brain and find a solution. -Mario

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There are three main problems for fitting the 2.2 litre inlet manifold from the 2.2 406/607 on the 206 GTi.

Problem 1

The first one is the throttle body. The throttle body of 206 2.0 engine has 3 holes for bolts and different shape, on the other hand the 2.2 l engine has 4 bolts but you can not use the 2.2l throttle body because it has electric throttle control without throttle cable and of course a different EFI system. The solution is to use a flange or adapter and the 2.0 l throttle body. The adapter is made from aluminum (it is easy to shape) inner main hole is cone shaped from 60mm to 53 mm and the length is about 20 mm. Also you must make adjustments to the electronic installation.

Adapter made from aluminium

Problem 2

The second problem is the oilfilter holder. It seems that the 2.2l cylinder head is higher than the 2.0l, roughly 2-3 mm because the manifold has no space and it interferes with the oilfilter holder. The solution is to rasp the part of manifold that touches the filter holder. You must rasp 10mm wide and 2mm deep.

Problem 3

The third problem is the radical one. There is no space between engine and radiator, it is aprox. 2 cm too small. There are two solutions: The first is to shorten the manifold, but I do not know how to do that without damaging the geometry of the manifold. So I find another solution, I chop off the front crossmember and move it forwards around 20 mm so the bottom of the radiation and its fixation is moved forward. Also, the upper part of the radiation is on the same place but also moved a little up and the fixation also. Also you must adapt bonnet lock because bonnet is in a too high position.

Parts from Peugeot

You will need the following standard parts from your friendly local dealer:





Manifold gasket



Air resistor



Manifold holder







0357.15 x 4



6922.76 x 8



6913.J1 x 4

Costs and results

It cost me about 500 Euros, maybe more with my labor. It is hard to be objective with the firing power of your car but I will put the car on a rolling road next month to see how much power and torque I gain. When I drive the car I have the feeling that it is more alive and has better response to the throttle but when I floor the throttle at low revs, the engine stalls like it does not get enough fuel. So I think I'll try and put 2.2l injectors on it and change my factory software.

Hi-Speed - Mario I.